Author: Jairo Buitrago; Illustrator: Rafael Yockteng; Translator: Elisa Amado; Publisher: Groundwood Books; Date of Publication: October 1, 2015; Genre: Realistic Fiction; 32 Pages

Two White Rabbits, written by Jairo Buitrago, illustrated by Rafael Yockteng, and translated by Elisa Amado, follows a young girl and her father as they travel towards the U.S. border.  This is an excellent book that humanizes a group of people often labeled as a single monolithic entity.  Students will be able to relate to the young girl who passes the time like they would: counting objects they pass, daydreaming in the clouds.  The illustrations subtly and skillfully give an added depth to the story by detailing hard truths about immigration the text does not cover.  This is great for a reader who has heard the news of immigration to the U.S. and would like to learn more about the humans behind the headlines.

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